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101/4 inch gauge Tram Locomotive For Sale - £15,000

Built over a twenty year period, this is the work of a highly capable, not to say imaginative engineer. Conceived as an 0-4-0 tram locomotive for 101/4 inch gauge, it's a "plausible" rather than "scale" design - I think he's pulled it off with great style.

Steam is supplied by the steel cross tube boiler, 100 psi working pressure Motive power is courtesy of a 1906 Locomobile engine, twin cylinder with slide valves.

The tram was completed in 2014 and has seen little use.

You can view this at Denver Light Railway. A current certificate will be provided on purchase.

Should you be interested, or would like to come and have a look, please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help!